Welcome to the Toledo Municipal Housing and Environmental Court. I’m Judge C. Allen McConnell, the Judge for the Housing Court. The court’s jurisdiction encompasses Toledo, the Village of Ottawa Hills, and Washington Township. The website includes information about how the Court operates, court programs and rules. This website was recently revised to make it more user-friendly. Both criminal and civil case information is available through the website. You will be able to find information regarding bench warrants, evictions, rent escrow hearings, and reports regarding nuisance properties in the City of Toledo. We have also provided you with a vast array of resource information that will be useful for tenants, landlords and homeowners in our community. If you are unable to find the information that you desire, please feel free to contact the court. I want to remind you that court staff cannot give legal advice, but information regarding court procedures may be discussed. Thank you for accessing the housing website and please return whenever you have a need for housing information.

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